IP Protection

Misha Infotech is here to cater technical protection to the client’s possessions. Operation through “WFH” is our priority.
Comprehensive Protection

Offshore software outsourcing is significant for open and precise communication. Misha Infotech is here to provide a considerable step for complete security of E-mails, Database Servers, Desktop systems and web server. Some of the prominent threats are viruses, Trojans, malware, spyware and much more to go.

Misha Infotech uses licensed software at the software development center Noida. And focus is made to keep this software completely up to date. In case of involvement of third party control over the client’s project, the emphasis is made on the complete and accurate analysis of licenses. Proper analysis of code helps in reducing the issues related to security or threats.


The professionals at Misha Infotech emphasize on maintaining the confidentiality of the client’s business data. Several measures are taken to sustain the privacy. Few of those measures are:-

  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure contracts are signed by the employees.
  • Management of passwords and documents for complete security
  • Access of developed software by developers and quality assurance team.
  • Password protected access to server is provided to the system administrators only

On the completion and delivery of projects, the offline backup of the project is maintained. The projects and data are maintained in the restricted environment. Though, the backup is deleted at the client’s request.

Additional Protection Measures
Some of the other additional measures that are taken on the request of the client’s requirement are:-
  • Physically Separate Units: While working on the projects, Misha Infotech offers a separate system for approved professionals within restricted access. These professionals are consistently under monitor while going in and out of the office. The system provided by the professionals are constantly under scan and even the provision of media is also not allowed.
  • Network Access: Virtual Private Access is provided to the client’s server. This helps in the prevention from insecurity. Only the authorized employees can access the network and prevents data from interception. Limitation of internet access to completely monitored network is provided.
  • Discussion of essential data backup, privacy and exceptional protection can be made by the representative of the account. All the information on this website is provided as per the privacy policy.