IDisplay - Digital Notice Board

Idisplay – “A Unique Platform For Instant Messaging”

The Digital Notice Board creates an instant bonding and quick messaging in the schools, colleges, offices and at corporate. A technology driven device that allows messaging employees working at different workstations, floors or locations. Digital notice board bridges the gap between the parents and school authority. It creates the sense of belonging, inspiration and motivation. The IDisplay can be handled remotely just from a single location. The provision of installation of multiple-screen at diverse location along with customized database.

IDisplay manages to display:-
  • Message
  • Video
  • Picture
  • Content
  • Weather forecast
  • Scrolling contents
IDisplay is a helpful device for following sectors:-
  • Railways
  • DMRC
  • Educational Institutions
  • Hospitality
  • Shopping Mall
  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Corporate

IDisplay is equipped with databases of images, inspirational quotations and videos, etc., which are displayed at the prescribed time.

IDisplay – Apt for Educational Institutions
  • Welcome messaging
  • Display of Birthday wishes of teachers
  • Information related school events and happenings
  • Motivational messages for High Achievers
  • News and Annoucements
IDisplay – IDisplay- Appropriate for Hospitality
  • A perfect device for engaging customers and guests
  • Display welcome message
  • Latest News
  • Food availability in the food court
  • Useful as a way finder
  • Also useful to create social awareness
IDisplay – A signage board to create awareness in Shopping Malls
  • Displays information about the events and happenings
  • Advertizes products, store launches and upcoming news
  • Promotes increased traffic at the food court in the malls
  • Displays tips and suggestions for wise shopping etc.
IDisplay- An ideal platform for retail sectors
  • Flexible way to communicate with customers
  • Display information about offers and discounts
  • Display of new outlets and product launch
  • It is cost-effective, acts as a virtual sales personnel in retail stores.
IDisplay- Helpful for healthcare sector
  • Unique platform for patient support at health care centers
  • Display of doctor’s and staff’s schedule
  • Creates health awareness
  • Emergency alerts
  • Streamlining patient call procedure
  • Important messages related to health initiative
  • Important announcements
  • Can act as a way finder
IDisplay an ideal signage board for corporate use
  • Helps in important messaging
  • Supports in reaching customers through videos, pictures and animation
  • Display of information related alteration in policies, rule and regulations
  • Saves time in communicating with other departments
IDisplay- Effective for Banking Sector
  • Helps in effective customer support
  • Provide information related to the revenue exchange
  • Change in banking policies
  • Creates awareness related to income tax policies or other banking policies
  • Display of information related interest rates, FDR etc.