E-Vidyalaya - School Management System

E- Vidyalaya- A multilingual software perfect to support the educational institution throughout the world.

E-Vidyalaya is an administrative tool specifically designed for educational institutions. A multilingual School management software extensively used throughout the country. The features of the software include improved functionality and user-friendly features. A comprehensive platform for School Administration System India with reduced workload.

E-Vidyalaya incorporates features like:-
  • Admission Management
  • Managing student’s profile
  • Complete fees management system
  • Managing exams
  • Management of Inventory and Payroll
  • Managing Financial accounting
  • Supports in Emails
  • Supports in Certificate designer and ID card Printing
  • Provision of biometric attendance management
  • Facilitates parents, students and staffs with web interface and SMS notification services
  • Support for content management system

E-Vidyalaya is based on ERP Software Solutions is adaptable and provides flexible web support. The functionalities of E-Vidyalaya can match the international standard, professional and enterprise versions helps in better performance and functionalities. We are proud to offer a complete Schools Automation Software Delhi and it is also effective for college Management system India And Education ERP Software Noida.

Features of E-Vidyalaya:-
  • Provision of web login for parents, students and school staffs
  • Support through a content management system
  • Helps to create awareness through Email / SMS notifications
  • Extremely trustworthy and safe
  • Creates awareness among Parents
  • Provision of access anytime and anywhere
  • Flawless communication
  • Access through mobile
  • Extremely tailor made

The comprehensive features of E- Vidyalaya also includes its adaptability to be operated on any platform. Like any other ERP system, E- Vidyalaya has the extensive feature and can be configured easily. Considering on the module like attendance, it can be set on the day to day basis, session basis, it can also be set periodically or on the basis of subjects. The extensive features provided in E-Vidyalaya has enhanced its features.

E-Vidyalaya provides support in multi- level at an affordable rate. The software is available in Multiple versions with added features:-
  • Standard
  • Professional
  • Enterprise
Each version of software is useful for educational institutions like schools, colleges, professional institutions etc.