Web Analytics

Measure your website’s success with the web analytic services which we provide. Contact our experts to find out how well your website is performing. Analysts at Misha Infotech will analyze the progress of your web marketing efforts. At the outset, they will ascertain your goals following they will devise a plan of action to improve your marketing performance.

Gain competitive edge

If you want to improve your website and attain business goals, you can consider our web analytics services. Our advanced tools will help you to track behavior on your website which may be important for your business. We will help you to calculate number of visitors on a page and the browser which has been used by the traffic. You can rely on our web analytics services which will help you to calculate the number of people who signed up for newsletters.

Monitor site’s performance

If you decide to consider our services, you can request for a quote. With A/B testing we will help you to optimize the visitor experience on the site. We at Misha Infotech adopt advanced tools to monitor and measure details about your website. You can easily monitor your site’s functionality when you avail our web analytics services. Find out how visitors arrived at the site and the time they spend on the website.