Migration & Porting Development

We take adequate steps to ensure that the transformation in the software takes place smoothly. You are a client would at times require the software to be modified to suit a varied environment. Sometimes you might require a different platform for the software as well. Misha Infotech excels in this area. Its service makes you satisfied in all respects in this sphere of work.

Majority of the companies outsource

The Majority of the software companies tries to outsource the job. But it should be borne in mind that you need to pass on the work to only those who would prove to be able partners to you in your endeavor. We try to be the supremely trusted partner for you in this work in migration and porting. We assist you to have a transformation in a cost-effective and user-friendly manner.

Strategic steps

The relevant steps taken by us are -- the capacity to evaluate risks, ability to analyze needs, maintenance of control of version, debugging and testing in details. Misha Infotech’s core competency areas in Migration and Porting revolve around – superb research and development facility, outlook efficiently focused on technology and total control on quality.

Misha Infotech offers complete Migration & Porting services to increase the access of software development services through platforms. Our professionals are experienced enough to provide the porting services. We help you port code from diverse source to target any platform. Our experienced team, unique methodology and experience of handling multiple projects assures sharp delivery of ports. We follow a comprehensive strategy to provide porting services through different platforms that includes Windows & Mac OS. We focus on providing porting services to troubleshoot the programming issues across diverse versions, including WinNT4 to Win2000, or VB5 to VB6.

The professional at Misha Infotech are expert in providing Migration and Porting services using high technology and unique methodology. We focus on delivering Migration services that include Migration of data across databases Informix to SQL Server and applications across development platforms C++ Builder to VC++.

Our challenges at Misha Infotech are-
  • Deploy, Resolve and Maintain complex architecture
  • Provide complete support in handling new platforms of clients
  • Difficult to find resources for obsolete technology
  • Improve Scalability
  • Handle Messed up business logic
  • Tackle the system’s integrating problem
  • Issues related to up gradation of new user’s requirements
Benefits Through Migration and Porting Services-
  • Higher ROI with improved migration platform
  • Quick implementation
  • Better deployment of IT resources
  • Reduction in costs of Project maintenance
Misha Infotech proffers Migration & Porting Services that includes-
  • Support through assessment & Strategy Services in the determination of product architecture and environment
  • Migration of Pre .NET to .NET
  • Migration from J2EE to .NET and from .NET to J2EE
  • JBoss, Weblogic, WebSphere- Application Server migration
  • Porting of Database (e.g. SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, etc.)
  • Legacy applications to enable web
  • Solaris, Linux, Windows- Migration of Operating System
  • Migration in Programming Language