Leave Management - Medical Sales Reporter

Waiting to leave and fed up of approval hierarchy? Medical Sales Reporteris here to support the organization in leave management

Reduced frustration of filling the form and awaiting for hardcopy of leave approval

Utilize the extensive features for Leave management and reduced physical activities. Facilitates managers and HR; to have a keen view while providing the leave in the organizations. Quick decision and immediate approval of leave is assured. Access to the HR team and employees both, supports in the online submission of leave with continued online approval of leave. Availability of the list of holidays, application forms and authority of approval reduces the tasks of HR department, thus, provides convenience to check the status of leave applications.

Advantages of Leave Management through Medical Sales Reporter:
  • Provision of online leave application
  • Reduced requirement of paperwork.
  • Notification through Email to officers and applicants
  • No login required for leave approval
  • Approval through Email
  • Both applicants and approving management can maintain complete records and history
  • Automatic approval of leave records
  • Easy availability of printed reports
  • Leave records can be exported to the back-end office
  • To lodge astonishing cases in the HR policies
  • Configured leave policies
Medical Sales Reporter – Immediate leave Management