HRMS - Human Resource Management System

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HRMS is referred as the Human Resource Management System is primarily a strategic approach to manage employees in the organizations. Maintaining a proper workplace culture is the actual task of HRMS. HR focus on diverse processes occurring in the organization which includes recruitment, management and directing employees. The HRMS is denoted as the line managers.

The actual role of HRMS is to deal with all the issues related to employees that includes employment, compensation, performances, development of organization, health issues, motivation, administration and training.

HRMS service offered by Misha Infotech motivates employees to contribute in an effective and productive manner. Such service is specifically designed to meet the organization’s goal. HRMS is no more restricted to only the transaction or personnel role rather a perfect HRMS would add worth to the organization. They act strategically and a Perfect utilization of employees demonstrates the value of HRMS.

For the growth of any businesses, it is imperative to look for appropriate candidates. In such circumstances HR plays prominent role in hiring the appropriate manpower for the company. HRMS support in eminent hiring and talent acquisition with minimal effort. It provides convenient, instant and successful recruitment management system. From finding of apt candidate, alluring, evaluating, interviewing till hiring all are accomplished easily.

Misha Infotech acknowledges the need of HR department, thus reducing the cost, minimizes the process, saves the time of selecting the apt candidate.

Some prominent features of HRMS are:-

Human Resource Management System India

  • It is a user-friendly administrative tool
  • Automatic job listings,
  • Quick retrieval of relevant data,
  • Data warehousing,
  • Apt evaluation of candidates,
  • Tracking of job applicants,
  • Integration of HRMS
  • Generation of perfect reports

Job formation and updating

  • Job broadcast through diverse channels
  • Sharing of job details through social media
  • Consistent posting of the job requirement
  • Data retrieval
  • Posting vacancies on different sites

Managing Recruitment process

  • Formation of Recruitment processes
  • Tracing appropriate candidates
  • Integration of HRMS Resource
  • Management of contender
  • Incorporation of workflow process

Assignment of responsibilities to the employees

  • Involving colleagues in the recruitment process
  • Authorizing employees in selecting the apt candidates
  • Utilization of all accessible resources
  • Smoothing the internal communication

Alteration of Information

  • Creating the modified application form
  • Accumulating applicable information of candidates
  • To extract the major information of candidates
  • Comparing all the candidates information

Acquiring job applications

  • Collecting appropriate application for jobs on suitable platform
  • Inquiring relevant information from diverse channels
  • Collection of valuable data of candidates

Report creation

  • Applicant’s primary evaluation
  • Candidature screening
  • Scrutiny of suitability for job profile
  • Supports in apt Decision Making

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