Engagement Model

The Multiple Engagement Model is offered by Misha Infotech to meet the actual need of international clients. There are diverse models and anyone of them can be selected. A good combination would also help in diverse phases of the projects. To fulfill the actual requirement, Misha Infotech is here to support for easy customization of the model.

Multiple Engagement Model
  • Effort based pricing or Time & Material
  • Milestone based billing
  • Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer
  • Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model
  • Project based pricing or Fixed bid

These are specific pricing models, which is used for specific services resourceful ways for convenience and value based services.

Effort based pricing or Time & Material

  • Effort based pricing model, the cost of the project is actually the function of the whole project time of execution and equivalent resources deployed.
  • Engagement model is useful in case of complex projects which is more prone to specification and alteration in progression of design.
  • These models provide better elasticity while developing regular specification of projects and consistent alteration of specification is made based on the market alteration.

Milestone-based Billing

Milestone-based Billing is effective for those clients who are working on remote projects. The Payment schedule is reinforced to monitor the progress. This process is used to justify the achieved milestone and noticeable progress with reduced risks. Dedicated Development Facility or Retainer The facility provided is the expansion of the customer’s engineering and development center. With the help of these dedicated facilities, we are here to provide finest skill, complete resources, flexible hours of working and total time to provide benefits to the customers. It takes extensive effort to prevent the Intellectual Property Right (IPR) of the customers. Those customers who require consistent offshore support choose dedicated facility for cost-effective solution. To fulfill the specific need of the client, Misha Infotech provides dedicated relationships in order to implement the customer based quality and process framework. The Retainer is used to pay the resources.

Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) Model

Misha Infotech also offers dedicated facilities through Build-Operate- Transfer Model. Such facility is similar to the extension of the client’s own facilities. The dedicated facility provides technical infrastructure, procedures and execution facilities. The dedicated facility is equipped with existing Misha Infotech's resources or by Client's resources or by resources employed purposely for appointment or a mix of them all. Misha Infotech offers a definite procedure for the proper alteration of the facility to the client.

The models are beneficial to the clients in the following ways:-

  • Immediate Marketing
  • Low cost for Establishment
  • Reduction of risk
  • Flexible
  • Expertise in Processing
  • Alternative to owe the facility

Project based pricing or Fixed bid

The option of low risk involved can be chosen when the scope and specification of projects are absolutely clear.

Domain based pricing of projects is provided, though we have acquired great expertise and defined evaluation tool in order to determine the obligation for resources.

We believe in on time, on budget and on target delivery of projects thus ensuring the reliability, predictability and optimized performances.

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